Commercial flooring installations


Enjoy commercial flooring installations that work for you

Commercial flooring installations are essential for floor shopping for your commercial or retail location. Once you choose the perfect materials, the installation ensures longevity and performance for a great experience. Also, it's essential to understand the process before you start shopping to know what to expect moving forward.

Commercial flooring is diverse

Commercial and retail locations are extensive and diverse, so you'll find plenty of different products to meet your needs. What works for one business owner may not work for another, especially concerning commercial carpet. If you're interested in carpets, you'll find commercial options that provide stunning beauty, excellent durability, and impressive lifespans.

This floor covering is always an excellent choice for waiting rooms and offices, but you can use it in various spaces. Ask about the built-in stain and odor protection and added lifespan options for high-traffic areas. With a professional commercial flooring installation, these floors could last more than 10 years.



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Commercial vinyl flooring is popular

High-traffic areas are common in commercial settings, which makes durable flooring choices the most popular option. Ask about how commercial vinyl flooring could serve your business, especially in areas that need complete waterproof protection. Moreover, these products offer one of the fastest installation services in the flooring industry, which means you can use them faster once they're in place. To find out more about products, services, and installation options, visit our showroom at your convenience. We have the answers you want and need. We're ready to work alongside you from start to finish for even your most extensive plans.

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When you shop at Handy Andy's, you’ll find the best commercial carpet and vinyl materials for your remodel of any size, with products and services you will trust. Our experienced associates make it even easier to match your need with a great product and service set. We'll go out of our way to ensure you get the best results for any size space, with as little downtime as possible during the installation service.

You are invited to visit our showroom in Selma, NC, whenever you're in the area to speak with flooring professionals who provide excellent commercial flooring installations. We cater to Smithfield, NC, Selma, NC, Clayton, NC, Four Oaks, NC, and Princeton, NC, and we look forward to serving you too. So, stop by to start your project and learn more about what's in store for your company.